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World Economic Forum - Young Global Leaders

The Young Global Leaders program is a branch of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland - "a newly formed, unique, multi-stakeholder community of the world’s most extraordinary leaders who are 40 years old or younger and who are ready to dedicate a part of their time and energy to jointly work towards a better future."

What it doesn't say (as I later learned) is you have to be 20 years or older (and 40 years or younger). Why, I wonder, would they discriminate against people under 20. Are they concerned with getting inundated with nominations for 13 year olds interested in poverty and the digital divide?

I am going to be in Zurich, Switzerland during June as part of an exchange program and the Young Global Leaders is having its inaugural summit in Switzerland when I am there. Almost too good to be true, because at that event will be all the notable 200 members including several hot shots from the USA.

After an inquiry the Forum said that no guests are invited to the Forum. Nonetheless, I still may try to drop by the meeting since I will be there and since I know a couple of the elected members. In the meantime, if anyone knows anyone from the WEF let me know and maybe I can gain official status as a guest.


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