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April 22, 2006

First Leg: Europe

Western Europe is the easiest place to start in the world for my international travel.

I will be traveling June 12th - August 2nd -- a seven week first leg. I’ve listed the countries I’m visiting and whether I’m looking for shelter or conversations, or both.

Ireland -- conversations
Belgium — conversations
Luxembourg — conversations
Germany — conversations
Switzerland -- conversations
Italy -- have shelter in Northern part, looking for shelter in Southern part...and people
Greece — shelter and conversations
Spain -- conversations
France — shelter and conversations
Britain — shelter and conversations

Email me if you can help me out!

More specific dates are forthcoming.


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Hi there Ben,

I'm interested in what you mean with 'conversations' and 'shelter' talking about your trip through Europe. I hope you could open your plans concerning those things a bit more.



By "shelter" I mean a place to sleep at night. By "conversations" I mean interesting people to talk to.


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