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The SV Junto is an in-person, informal gathering of business and technology professionals in the Silicon Valley to discuss non-business issues and embrace the life of the mind. We believe that breakthrough insights occur at the intersection of ideas and cultures and, as such, it is critical for business and tech folks to exercise the mental muscles of philosophy, sociology, religion, and so forth. Go contribute at our wiki.

The Silicon Valley Junto is open to any person involved in high tech, entrepreneurship, or business in general. We want intellectual diversity, but are limiting it to these industries so everyone can speak the same language. It also provides an opportunity to meet and greet peers.

When and Where?
The Silicon Valley Junto meets once a quarter in both Palo Alto and San Francisco. View meeting calendar.

What's Being Discussed at the Next Junto?
This is most important! Visit the Topics page on our wiki to contribute to the list of topics and ideas. At our inaugural meeting we discussed Americanism as an idea.

Why "Junto"?
In 1727, Benjamin Franklin convinced 12 of his friends to form a club dedicated to mutual improvement. Meeting one night a week, these young men discussed the topics of the day. Junto, pronounced who-n-toe, was a private forum for discussion and as a surreptitious instrument for leading public opinion. One of the functions of the group was to brainstorm publicly beneficial ideas. They recommended books, shopkeepers, and friends to each other. They fostered self-improvement through discussions on topics related to philosophy, morals, economics, and politics. (Courtesy of Junto Partners.)

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes