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Kayla Stover


I know this might seem a little weird, but if you're from SF then it shouldn't be. I have no idea how I stumbled across this website, but I'm an exchange student right now in CH and i'll be coming back soon. But it's nice to hear about some things from here that others really don't understand. Were you here for a year too? Well my emails is [email protected].

I'd really like to talk with someone who knows some of the same places I so.

Even though im not living in Zuerich (St. Gallen actually) i'm pretty damn close and go there at least once a week. I have a GA so that's nice.

But hey respond back! Or check out my myspace: myspace.com/goodjobkid and contact me that way. Would be nice to talk to you! =D


If you or anyone you know is trying to figure out the process of obtaining student visas I have this great resource that was recommended to me by Dr. Richard Swart at Utah State. It's a great help!



This is a completely right step to the future. I mean, why would you wanted to smoke on a train? If someone is really *that* addicted, he could smoke a cigarette while the train stops, and drop it quickly when he realizes that he will miss the train :)


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The problem is that you cosdenir yourself as a smoker not a non smoker . Don't know how long you've been addicted but it can be so hard to adjust to a non smoking attitude. I know so many people who have told me that its easy, just stop. Unfortunately some of us DON'T find it that easy. There is always an excuse to put off quitting. Try to look at your mental picture of yourself and see you without ciggies in different situations. Then think of ways you could cope/deal with things without the automatic reach for the packet.It may take a few weeks but give it a try. If you need support look at my profile and email me. I'm struggling too but finding i smoke less as i keep on with the above method. No longer terrified of being without and that is a good start.

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