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Steve Merer

It seems to me that you only see the world, through the American reality, most insidious, to me, is this need for Americans to be the best. I took a bus ride yesterday for example to Yankee Stadium, through the Bronx, I saw people who have to live w/ many many bars on their windows. One house there in fact had bars protruding out over the porch, over the pavement from the sidewalk, an enclosed castle.
What pray tell, is so great about a country that has citizens who have to live like that?
Now don't get all defensive as Americans do. But why the need to put down the Euros students as you do in a later post.

Ben Casnocha

Hi Steve -- I wrote honestly about my reactions and experiences. The European education system is much different than my own. As for your observation of poverty, yes, it exists in America. America has a lot problems, too.


hey, just cruising arount to see some blogs...
nice to hear that you enjoyed our city :-)

greetings from sunny zurich!

Willy Kuehne

I like you hoesnt text's and stuff. Read about me I moved from Germany to America. I was also Exchange Student but now I live in Amierca


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